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We are a pediatric therapy clinic providing Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Behavioral Therapy services to children and engaging their families.

Our philosophy is simple: When children experience therapy as play, then their play becomes therapeutic. We incorporate sensory activities into every therapy session to enhance a child’s physical strength, coordination, attention, language, and learning.

We work with parents to set goals so that therapy is meaningful to children and their families.  When we talk to children, we call our clinic a “gym” instead of a “clinic” because there truly isn’t anything “wrong” with them. Enhancing skills is something that we approach from a positive place because looking at things in this way helps to foster growth more naturally—and building a child’s confidence is the key to setting goals and meeting them.

We offer various levels of Social Butterflies groups, led by an occupational therapist and speech therapist. Our curriculum teaches children social skills through a high emphasis on play and team building.

We are proud to offer our new program, Kid Core, which incorporates Social Butterflies, with emphasis on team sports and exercise for kids.



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